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An Uncertain Past 6
Chapter 6: Help From Beyond
The last thing I remember before I woke up in that apartment in the Barrens yesterday was sitting in this very café eating dinner. I was late for something, a job most likely, but what kind of job? Damn, my coffee has gotten cold. I better get a new cup.
I grit my teeth and try to stop my hands from shaking as the memories wash over me once more.

My mother used to tell me that there was no such things as ghosts, that they where merely spirits conjured by those with the gift of magic.
She was wrong.
Before me stands David Connely, he is dead. In fact, he has been dead for three days, and if he didn't die during that time I certainly finished the job.
The darkness has lessened somewhat, forming a circle of light roughly thirty feet around us. He look angry, I would be angry too if I had the chance to meet the person who scooped out my skull. He gestures slightly with his hand and numbers appears floating in the air. A phone-number? Maybe, No, to odd l
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An Uncertain Past 5
Chapter 5: Down into darkness
I stare numbly at the rain spattering the sidewalk in a steady rhythm, mesmerized by its soothing effect as I nurse my lukewarm cup of coffee. Pedestrians go about their business in the downpour outside the café, many of them oblivious to the darker side of the world they live in.
Last night I looked to deep into the darkness and found it staring back at me with an unholy hunger in its baleful eyes.
I am afraid.

Deck seems to be working okay, and the power to Mr. Dead here seems to be working as well. Time to deck the dead then. I guess that I could have unlocked any kind of headware memory this guy could have had from the outside, but one gets a better feel for any kind of security when going in 'whole'.

Traveling through someone's head is much like traveling in the Matrix, but going through a dead man is something else, it's downright creepy. It's much quieter. No, let's be honest, it is quiet. Normally you can hear and 'feel' the other
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An Uncertain Past 4
Chapter 4: Dead Trails
This is my home, the Matrix.
A world within a world, built on a foundation of silicon.
Its life is measured in Megapulses and its soul in information. Like the world it mimics it has its vices and its virtues. Like the real world it knows pleasure and pain, anger and joy, fear and pain, mercy and vengeance.
I now race across this world, a mirror of my own, riding the currents of information, searching for an answer.
Okay, enough poetic rambling already, I have work to do.

Ok, Node query, Redmond node 43 grid reference 12. No path, that's odd? A-ha, clever little buggers aren't they, lets see. Ooh, they've shunted the connection through the phone companies junction point and masked it to look like a local phone line, sorry guy's, there is no way that a simple phone line can take that amount of traffic so you just blew your cover.
Grid reference 12 D, yes, that's the one; there is the little rat hole where I woke up. I wonder how much traffic has been goin
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An Uncertain Past 3
Chapter 3: Financial Crisis
A Decker without a Deck is like a Shaman without a Totem…
Now you know how I feel. I need a Deck, and I don't have enough cash to buy one. That means stealing it. Great, all I have to do is finding a good Decker and steal his Deck.
Nope, I won't go for that one, I'll go for buying it instead, and I don't have any money, or a SIN, or a home for that matter.
Life sucks!

So, how does one obtain a Deck worth 500000,00? Unless you buy it legally or steal it from someone you won't get one, period. I might be able to find something at Harvey's, with a bit of luck, if I can manage to get inside his workshop that is. You see, Harvey is what we call a Deckmeister, he designs custom Decks and repairs them, for a price. If lady luck is with me then I should find a functional Deck inside.

Tricky, tricky, tricky…
He has improved his security since last time, but everything is wired to the same security corp. And to make it more fun, it's connected with c
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An Uncertain Past 2
Chapter 2: Resurrection
My life is gone.
I'm dead.
But I did get a nice headstone though.
It's raining again, not surprising though, it IS Seattle after all. The graveyard have such an atmosphere of serenity, especially now, when the light drizzle of rain seems to shut out the noise and the fumes of the city around me.
I have no business here; this is no place for the living, no matter what my headstone says. I am dead, yet alive, the dead arisen from the grave, the phoenix reborn from the ashes.
Whoever wiped out my past and a week of my memories made a thorough job. I no longer have a SIN, not even one of my fake ones. My home has been destroyed and the last hideout was looted. But I still got my skills. That's more than enough.
I wonder what my friends will say when I show up alive and kicking? I need a drink; McKinley's should be open by now.

Riggs McKinley owns my favorite watering hole simply known as McKinley's. It was lunchtime and I expected the usual crowd to be ther
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An Uncertain Past 1
Chapter 1: Bad Dreams
The light filtering through the trashed, dirty blinds stabbed at my eyelids, dragging me up from my misery of unconsciousness, and if unconsciousness was misery then being awake must be purgatory.
My mouth felt like something stuffed with cotton and sand, my hair felt greasy and unkempt, and the smell. God, it stank like someone had died in here for Christ sake…

Legs feels like rubber, I can hardly drag myself up to a sitting position in the bed, no, not 'bed', a more appropriate word would be 'IT' considering how many beings seemed to live inside it. My head hurt, and so does my eyes, I feel like I have been at the longest party of my life, and the hangover of hell is coming along for the ride.
Something is very wrong here, I think as I stare sleepily at the single naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling.

Now I'm feeling a little better, the shower in the bathroom was functional; soap would have been useful but no such luck. Where the hell are my pan
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*grin* it is always fun to surprise people. =)

If you want to read something then I've started to post my shadowrun fiction here at devart. My only gripe with that is that I have to cut and paste and play with HTML instead of saving the word document.
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